AB Resumes and Consultation is committed to providing all our customers with exceptional treatment. Consultation appointments are over the phone and there is no fee to schedule the appointment. Customers can schedule an appointment online or call the office at (412) 906-9220.

Customers can schedule appointments online by clicking on the link:

A representative will contact you to confirm the appointment.  


While we offer a comprehensive range of resume services, you can still expect to receive expert opinions on every facet of your resume. We will leave you feeling confident about your service. 

Not only do we offer our professional writing services, but design as well. You have the option to either choose your own template design or we can choose it for you. The price is $100.00 for the resume only. Package deals start at $130.00.


The cover letter is used in conjunction with your resume as an aid in the selection process to interview. It is a brief overview of the related skills and talents of the job you are apply to. The letter is included in the submission of the resume at the time of application for a position.

The thank you letter is an optional tool used as an aid in the selection process after the interview. It is a follow-up letter of appreciation to the interviewer.

The cover and thank you letters can be purchased separately at $30.00 per letter or are included in the package deal cost starting at $130.00.


Searching for a job can be a tedious task. it can include setting up numerous online accounts, uploading documents over and over again, hours of research, and reading through numerous email,

Let us help you search for jobs!

We will create accounts and upload your documents in Glassdoor, Monster, Zip Recruiter, and other job search engines or job sites.

We will keep track of available job listings and apply for jobs on your behalf.

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